Mike Newarks report.

Wistow I found hoaxed. Jim Lyons found some anomalies in the seed head samples, but I had the same samples sent to me, and still found very little difference between those and normal crop control samples. I don't know how Jim found them above normal levels, perhaps they came from the area around leys, where the levels may have been higher. I don't think any of those myself are from genuine crop circles. So I still consider this one man made.


The formation is 69 meters by 43 meters, and is laid clockwise with all the corn bent at ground level.
The formation was dowsed, measured, and sampled by Mike Newark, Chris Cross, Mick Burley and Steve Pyrah on the evening of 31 St. July. Mike Newark dowsed the formation and left after a few minutes, saying that the formation was a hoax, which demoralised the rest of the team for a while. We continued however, after first chatting to the farm manager who was able to tell us when the formation was first sighted etc. His two dogs entered the formation and did not seem at all affected by it.
22 seed head samples were taken and sent to Jim Lyons. Identified only as sample numbers 1 through 22. So that he would have to dowse them "blind". We also took 23 compass readings, using a very accurate sighting compass mounted on a mono pod.
The highest magnetic bearing of the southern circle and its outer ring is 343 degrees and the lowest is 340.8  giving a spread of only 2.2 degrees with an average bearing of 342 degrees. ie. a normal magnetic bearings.