Steves report

The formation at seaton is of a totally new type. Up until now every crop formation has featured flattened, bent or partially laid plants making a pattern in the crop. This has been the very essence of a crop circle. Not now! .
Almost every single plant involved in the Seaton formation is perfectly vertical and in every respect bar one is identical to its neighbours outside the formation
I was stunned and amazed to see the impossible truth, all the stems in the formation are three to six inches
shorter than the crop in the rest of the field!!   The one exception was a small tuft of stems at the centre of the small outlying circle, these stand higher than the surrounding shorter plants.
I cannot see how such an effect could possibly be hoaxed in mature crop.
Is it the result of the crop being ‘downed’ whilst still very young,its growth rate retarded for a while and then totally recovering ? I have two main objections to this theory:-
(1)  Why if it is this simple have we not seen this before?
(2) Surely a small percentage of plants would not have completely recovered and would stand out as being different to their neighbours.
The pattern Itself consists of a 40 foot central circle surrounded bya 4 foot wide ring of 95 feet in diameter A second 4ft wide ring of about 40 feet diameter is abutting the larger ring at a magnetic bearing of 256 degrees. An outlying circle of about 35 feet diameter lies out at a bearing of 300 degrees.
Here is the Proof to those that will listen. Wake up for Gods sake. Wake up to the reality of another non man intelligence. And then just as you become comfortable with that wisdom, open your mind to their message. Because we can change our insane civilisation if we do.