Report by Mike Newark

I went over to see the formation on what must have been the hottest day of the year, I dowsed for the crop circle from a distance, and found it just west of the road past the Blaby turning. It dowsed genuine with spiders webs of concentric and radial earth energy. I took pictures of the formation from the camera pole, and the high hedge over looking the crop circle.
It was a special crop circle, very large and with a mime pointed star shape in the centre, something to examine closely if possible, and research its power structure and actual size. So I went back to the car intending to find the farmer and get permission to enter the formation, and at the car park met Nick Nicholson, just about to walk over to the crop circle.
After a chat, I went and found the farmer who gave me permission to visit the crop circle along with Nick, so we climbed under the hedge amid walked in the field for the first time. Nick got hung up in the hedge and went missing me a while I went around the formation getting pictures and taking video shots of the crop lay, what a crop circle.
The formation we measured 215 feet wide N/S, and 216 feet E/W, with a nice neat crop lay, but a slightly messy outside ring 4 feet wide around the entire formation. Its nine pointed star shape in the middle was well made. Not so much round as egg shaped, but the crop lay was very tidy. And the paths out from the centre were distorted on its West Side, yet the East Side had very tight 3.4 feet wide paths out from the star centre. The natural earth energy had come in on the West Side or the formation, this perhaps had given the East Side of the crop circle a better shape and crop lay, while the West Side seemed to suffer a Little.
The paths on the west aide were much larger and untidy to the better East Side of the formation, but given that the power came in the other side, it still looked special. The oval centre circle had 77 radial earth energy lines in its spiders web pattern of natural earth energy, with 22 concentric earth energy lines. There were 227 radial earth energy lines at the formations walls, it was a strong dowsing earth force, and each part showed how the earth force had pushed the crop lay ahead of it, to its direction of flow.
The Icy sl.ruu2tlmre was not that large for such a complex crop circle, but it dowsed very precise in its positioning of ley lines, almost the same pattern as the genuine crop circle which came at St. Neots this summer. The aura samples showed the outer ring path had a constant 61 feet aura around the ring, while the edges of the centre circle showed the higher figures. Even just outside the circle walls high aura readings showed. This again is normal in genuine crop circles in most cases.
This crop circle was something very special, its design is something I have never seen before, and yet its ley energy pattern was not that complex, but it was a cracker for me. Many thanks to the farmer for allowing us in the formation.



On Sunday 21st July. Seven people turned out to assist in measuring and sampling the South Wigston crop formation. They were Claire and Tony Upton, Chris Cross, Dan Mapp and his two friends and Steve Pyrah.

Tony managed to climb a nearby tree to take some photographs. Clair, Chris and myself proceeded to measure the formation, later aided by Tony. Dan and his two friends took seed head samples, which were sent, to Mike Newarke and to Jim Lyons. Identified only as sample numbers 1 through 21. A magnetic survey of the formation was carried out finding no deviations of the local magnetic field.



Mike Newark and Jim Lyons both agreed that the South Wigston formation dowsed genuine, but that it had a weak “energy field”. Jim’s dowsing results are that the largest “vortex radius” dowsed from the samples is only 199” (sample 20) No. 16=177”, 5 167”, 19 151”, 13=143”, 16=135”, l’7=123”  6=107”. A random spread, with a control sample (No.20) as the highest figure. Because of these generally low readings Jim has decided rightly or wrongly not to pursue this one. But he has come up with some interesting observations regarding a five and six fold symmetry of the formation.