The crop formation that came to Oadby in June 88 came as quite a surprise for the early crop circle investigators as it was much further north than all previous crop circles which at that date were all appearing in the south of England, and it was of a new type, a ringed circle with three satellite circles. At that time only circles, ringed circles, dumbbells and quincunxes were known and the wind or plasma vortex crop circle creation theory was only just starting to look shaky.  

  It  also had an uncommon radial ‘bomb blast’  lay in the central circle. It was surveyed by Bufora, and Terrence Meaden. This was pre CCCS.

  The ratio of the distance from the outer edge of the northern and south-western outlying circles to the opposite side of the ring 232 metres, to the diameter of the ring 14.4 metres is Phi. The Golden ratio.