There were three formations between Morcott and Seaton this year.

1.             Location    :   SP 91938 99758
                First seen  :  JUNE 1999

                An estimated 30’ diameter circle of laid crop, with a “hook” shape at its northern side. Visited and dowsed genuine
               “Circle maker” by Mike Newark 22.8.99. No other information is available.




2.            LOCATION        SP 91436 98819      LARGE RING  aprox 64metres  (over 200 feet)  in diameter.

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3.            Location    :   SP 92214 99833      Ringed circle with spiral.
               First seen  :   27 June 1999
               Dowsed genuine “Circle maker” by Mike Newark 22.8.99.

Measurements taken after the crop was harvested reveal that the formation originally comprised of a 16’ 6” inner’ circle. (Maximum deviation from a true circle is only 4”) Surrounded by a 13’ ring of standing crop. Again a true circle with maximum deviation of 4”. Then a 2 .5' to 3’ flattened ring, out of which a 33’ spiral extends out for 5.3 turns, into standing crop. The spiral is cut off at 66’ by a 16’9” swathe of flattened crop, extending out to 82’ 9”. The outside edge of which deviates only 2” from a true circle. This is ringed by a 12’7” ring of standing crop. Surrounded by a 4’2” ring of flattened crop. The outer radius is 99’6”. The entire laid crop is laid clockwise.
The formation was sampled from four locations, and two control samples were taken from outside the formation.
Sample No.1 was from the centre of the circle. No. 2 at 16’ from the centre. ie.. at the outer edge of the inner laid circle. No.3. From 23’ out, in the middle of the smallest standing ring. No.4 was from 82.5’, near the outer edge of the wide laid ring. No.5 from 110’, ie.. 10’ outside of the formation. No.6. The other control, from the far edge of the field.
I sent these to dowser Mike Newark. Mike dowsed the size of the aura that surrounds the seed heads. To be —
No.1 = 13’  :  No.2 = 30’  :  No.3 = 28’  :  No.4 = 60’  :  No.5  = 5’  :  No.6 = 5’.
The two controls. No.5 & No.6 Have normal auras, of 5’. Unaffected by the laying force. The aura strengths increase from the centre outwards, with the small exception of sample No.3 that was taken from standing crop. So it may not have been as strongly influenced by the “Circle maker” force. The aura strength of sample No.4 is twelve times higher than the control samples. ! Try hoaxing that.



The proportions of each element of the formation are dependent on the internal and relational geometry of a single pentagram, the same size as the fifth circle, i.e. 95’ 4” radius.
Arcs drawn from any one star point of the pentagram to its neighbouring points define the 16.5’ radius of the first (inner) circle. The inner pentagon of the pentagram defines the 29.5’ radius of the second circle. The top corners of a square drawn from two consecutive star points of the pentagram define the 66.03’ radius of the third circle that confines the outer limit of the spiral. The base of a square the same size as the first square, redrawn to coincide with the horizontal cord of the pentagram, defines the 82.75’ radius of the fourth circle. The two lower corners of this same square define the 99’ 6” radius limit of the formation.
The maximum deviation of this mathematical model, from measurements taken of the formation, is only 3.87”.
The most exiting feature of this formation is its spiral. Because it may be in itself compelling, evidence that the formation is NOT man made. Because of the EXTREME difficulties it presents to any potential hoaxers. From some of the aerial photographs it looks like the dark spiral paths are WIDER on one side of the formation than they are on the other side.
It is difficult so see but one interpretation of enlargements of Phill’s aerial photos suggest an accurate regular spiral, with a pitch (distance between two successive turns) of 7 feet. At their widest point on the East side of the formation, each dark spiral path is about 4.3 feet wide. Whilst the width of each light spiral path on the same side is only about 2.7’ wide. Conversely, each dark path, on the West side of the formation is 2.7’ and the light paths are 4.3’. Dark and light paths are equally sized on the North and South sides of the formation. This pattern is the result of two spirals each of exactly the same pitch of 7’ but with centres 9.6 inches apart moving together as one spiral, with a path of varying width.
But because of the visual blending together of the first and second lays of the spiral it was impossible to measure the spiral on the ground after it was cut, to confirm this.
The spiral was laid down in two phases. First a spiral was laid down clockwise into standing crop, & was photographed in this state on July 11th
Six days later on July 17th, Phil Brookman took his excellent aerial photos. By which time, the standing plants between the paths of the original spiral had been laid neatly down in a clockwise direction. The first phase lay is seen as a dark spiral in Phill’s aerial shots. The second phase shows as a lighter shade.
If, and that’s a big if, the formation was man made, it was made by a very, very special group of people. Very clever, highly disciplined and committed, with a high level of skill to carry out all the precise procedures required, at night, and having first meticulously planned and prepared themselves. NOT your bog standard pranksters by any stretch of the imagination.
The only way to manually make this formation is as follows.
In order to conform to the intended pentagonal geometry. Each circle laid must be meticulously and carefully measured. Using a minimum of two people. First lay flat exactly 16’ 6” of crop in a clockwise direction. Then from exactly 29’ 6” lay a 2’ to 3’ ring. That’s the easy bit. Now lay the spiral as follows. The person standing in the middle of the formation has to move exactly 0.4’ to the East of the circles centre. Above his head he holds a pre wound drum of string or rope. To produce a clockwise spiral with a 7’ pitch, the drum has to be constructed exactly 2’  2.7” in diameter, and must be pre wound anticlockwise, with 70’ of string/rope. The drum MUST be held perfectly still and steady, without any rotation. He must hold it above his head against the pulling pressure of his accomplice for quite some considerable time, whilst his mate at the other end of the string, walks round and round, laying the spiral. Failure on his part to do ANY of these things EXACTLY will result in a wobbly or irregular spiral. He on the other end of exactly 32’ 9” of string/rope must somehow proceed to push a roller clockwise round and round over bumpy ground and against the considerable resistance of the crop, whilst at the same time holding the guide rope taught. The roller MUST at all times maintain EXACTLY the same angle to the guide rope. (This angle is critical and is just over 90 degrees). He has to do this EXACTLY right for the entire ONE THOUSAND AND EIGHT HUNDRED FEET length of tie spiral or else the result will again be a wobbly or irregular spiral.
For reasons explained later when he reaches 67’ from the centre he has to stop and make his way back carrying his roller to the start of the spiral. His colleague in tie middle rewinds the drum and dispenses this time 36’ 3” of string to his colleague, i.e. exactly 42” longer than ‘at the start of the first run. He moves this time exactly 0.8’ to the West of the last spiral centre. The intrepid hoaxer with the roller must start the second lay of the spiral from exactly the same point that the first one started from. But with exactly 42” more rope. Then they both have to repeat exactly what they did before. Thus creating a spiral with a track of 4.3’ at the East side of the formation, and 2.7’ at the West side of the formation. The guy in the middle of the formation moves back 0.4’ to the original centre of the circles, and a circle of 66’ is laid cutting the outer arm of the spiral down gradually to zero. Next a large swathe of crop out to 82’ 9” from the centre was laid down, again in a clockwise direction. Then a huge ring 4’ 2” wide out to 99’ 6” was laid.
I can’t say that the above scenario is absolutely impossible but VERY highly improbable. All this, we are expected to believe by the sceptics, was done at night! And by jokers! Who we are expected to believe, two weeks later decided for some reason that the spiral needed laying a third time. So they returned and neatly laid flat the standing part of the spiral, exactly to the original pattern and size, again in a clockwise direction. Laying both spirals clockwise to the same level had the effect that, after a few weeks the shape of their carefully laid spiral was lost from view, because the colour of the later laid crop became the same as the earlier laid crop. The two becoming visibly indistinguishable from each other
So, why SO much HARD, disciplined work, to create a spiral that would only last for a couple of weeks? Fading away far quicker than the rest of the formation.
Surely it would have been so much easier for our imagined hoaxers to lay a spiral that had a path and gap of equal widths incredibly it was decided to lay the spiral so that its path was wider on the east side and narrower on the West side. This necessitates either the use of a magical expanding roller that grows an inch for every 9.37 degrees of rotation around 180 degrees of the spiral, and then shrinking by the same amount for the remaining 180 degrees and repeating this exact procedure five times. Or the SLIGHTLY more plausible alternative to this is the one explained previously. ie that they went round twice. Firstly to lay and establish the left or right hand side of the spiral path, then the second run to lay and establish the opposite side of the same path.
The reason that the “circle makers” made the path wider, then thinner. Is that “they” are again drawing our attention to the sacred ratio Phi. The Phi ratios of seven feet (The pitch of the spiral) are 2.674’ and 4.326’, which are the estimated widths of the narrowest and widest parts of the spiral path. The eccentric spiral paths are constructed to the ratio of Phi.
The use of the pentagram as the construction point of the formation also draws our attention to Phi. Because the pentagram, as a geometric form is “Phi. incarnate”. Phi ratios are repeated at least sixty times in a single pentagram, and are repeated to infinity, by the ratio Phi, if the pentagram is nested. And where have we seen pentagonal geometry and Phi relationships before?
               The message is LOUD and clear. Like a kick up the backside. Or a Zen slap.

                                                                                                  WAKEY   WAKEY
                                   There IS more to your little world than you realise. !!
     I / We are here also conscious and intelligent.   I / We openly make this fact known to you.












Image produced from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd. and Ordnance Survey
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