Mike Newarks report

The crop circle first appeared on Sunday 21.the farmer Mr Vernon allowed me to examine the crop circle, and I thank him for chance to research this fine crop circle.
The crop circle came in barley, its position was close to the A426 road,  south of Lutterworth golf Course, and the field in question I always check when passing, its that sort of field. The crop circle was 95.8 feet wide E/W, and 96.6 feet wide from N/S, with a very nice neat clean clockwise crop lay inside the circle
The dowsing of the formation showed it was very strong in energy, and had a three female Yin force within the crop circle, along with a geology stress fault crossing the circle, plus four other ley lines. Its aura dowsing of seed and soil samples were high, with most of the power close to the edges of the circle walls, which is normal & what I find in genuine crop circles round the country.
The spiders web of natural earth energy within the crop circle was 68 radial lines at the circles wall, with 22 lines of concentric earth energy going across the formation inside the walls. The crop circle centre was not the exact middle, it was more in the N/W corner by a few feet, and the natural crop lay was clockwise, because of its E/W and N/S power direction flow.