Mike Newarks report
Mark Haywood reported this crop circle finding it driving to a meeting, it came at Dingley near Market Harborough. and was a large genuine “Circle Maker” crop circle. Full of power both concentric and radial. The position of the crop circle was well out in the field on a ridge running right along the field, and not the easiest of formations to find and walk to. I had to dowse my way to it as it was hidden till you was right on it in the field, but with the kind permission of the owner Mr Harding I managed to find and research this fine crop circle. The semi-circles in the middle positions were swept centre parting, while those on both edges ran away to the outside in both cases left and right, a cracking crop circle that’s for sure. Inside a number of the higher semi-circles were little cones of standing crop like circle centres standing up eight in number and linked together. While in the right side of the formation in the higher semi-circles about eight small swept mini circles were laid linked together, I have never ever seen this before in one crop circle. The circle dowsed with 88 radial earth farce lines, and 23 concentric earth force lines across the circle from side to side, it was wheat and was swept clockwise round the circle because of the direction of the leys passing through. An interesting point was at the bottom of the laid circle where the outer ring of semi-circles left to cross the field yards out to the south. On the east side two eight inch paths linked the circle and the semi-circles, while on the west side of the circle just a single eight inch path came back to join the circle edge, so you had this link to the outer semi-circles both sides back into the laid circle, something again I have never seen before. And where some of the leys passed through the formation the scan-circles for the most part were sighted on the ley line, its middle was the place where the ley passed through, forming a gate almost. Without doubt for me a wonderful genuine crop circle, and very powerful with strong concentric and radial earth force pulsing out from this crop circle. About the same time last summer a huge crop circle appeared at Wakerley and a few days later another came at Morcott where a fine crop circle had appeared in the same place the summer before (99) . Both of these formations I visited a number of times to photo and dowse, but each time I could only dowse them both as man made, try as I might this never changed even when I saw the aerial pictures as well. The Wakerley crop circles were both huge and impressive, yet from the A47 road and the road by the fields I could not dowse a single energy imprint from them, no signature nothing, just the man made reaction came through.