Mike Newarks report

We have had one large formation near my home, near Cosford, Warks. I have worked on that one a lot and I have some interesting results from the research. The farmer allowed me to examine and record most of the details from the formation.
It was so full of earth power, very strong and active.
I took many seed and soil samples from the laid area and standing crop, and the dowsing aura showed some very high readings. To obtain dowsing aura figures from the seed or soil you need to clear your mind/body of any influence, then ask for the aura range/power, and walk back till you get a response. Its like setting the depth of water, you need to walk out at right angels from the source, till you hit the echo of the water line, that then is the depth of the water underground. Every single thing has its own aura figure, so when you take samples from crop circles you can compare them after they have been zapped with earth energy, to see what levels of power have been absorbed in the samples different from the any control sample. The stronger the aura the higher the absorbed power, if you find the highest figure of soil and seed, you can determine the time it took to form, and power levels of the crop circle during formation.
The crop circle at Cosford gave me the chance to try new things out; I found peaks of earth energy outside the laid area of the crop circle, very narrow bands of high aura. The field sloped both west to east by about 6 feet and sloping south to north by about two feet in the area of the crop circle. I found very narrow peaks outside the crop circle wall on the west side at 27, 40 and 60 feet, and on the east side from the wall at 31, 48 and 63 feet, so the falling ground effected the three peaks distance outside the circle. I now have to see what effect I find in other genuine crop circles, count the peaks outside the circle wall. The Cosford crop circle was very clean and neat when I first walked in it, the formation was a ringed circle, with half circles round the outside wall, eight on one side and four on the other. It came in Wheat, and was 134.8 feet west to east, and 127 feet south to north, the half circles on the wall edge made it hard to measure alone. It contained many leys and two geological stress fault lines, and some Yin (female) lines, it had 98 concentric earth energy lines and 83 radial earth energy lines in its spiderís web of earth energy. The inner circle was swept anti clockwise in a spiral manner, and the outer ring was clockwise, very neat and tidy, with some gap seeking near the tramlines. The standing ring was 4.8 feet wide very neat and tidy, inside the circle some stems were standing upright, these occurred where small stones were just in front of the stems, and had deflected the earth energy ROUND the standing stems at ground level, leaving them upright. The middle of the circle had swept twisted stems, they come up from the ground to stand upright at the very center, very nice and neat. The ridged spiral effect of the laid crop in the center circle looked special, with here and there the odd standing stems upright, and I never saw any bent stems at 50 cm, (magic bends).
At the wall edges the small half circles were cut into the wall, very clean and precise, eight small half circles east/north/west, with four half circles on the east/south/west side, it looked strange from the ground, not balanced. I took video and pictures of the formation, no light phenomenon came in any pictures, but it was a special crop circle, dowsing very strong and genuine. The farmer is allowing me back when the field is cut to take more VERY deep soil samples, I think these will be of great interest to us. I dowsed the crop circle and found a time of 36 seconds for it to form, a UFO report was made the same time when the circle formed by a lady who lives just a couple of miles away, she reported strange lights in the sky and no sound from the craft. From the first seed and soil samples I have checked, I should say the power used in forming the crop circle was about 650 micro wave watts for 36 seconds at ground level.  The deep soil samples now show greater aura the deeper you go, so the amount of micro wave energy must be much stronger under the crop circle, which suggests the power comes up from below like a torch beam.

 Dowsing drawings and photos of crop circles has shown it is possible for crop circles to appear by one of three methods, the first one is the genuine formation composed and structured on a complex pattern of earth energies by the Circle Maker/Nature/God. The next method is the man made hoax, which is just an impression in the crops, a mark in the field, without any power or influence. And now I know of another sort, its a crop circle made by devic means other than the Supreme Devic Force (Circle Maker), its one which has been influenced by lesser devic spirits. This crop circle comes with a different signature than the others, and it has no earth energy pattern of concentric or radial spiderís web, and contains no high aura figures. Some of these you can dowse a question and answer with the devic force, while others you cannot, the devic force is not evil. I have already visited one of these crop circles near Sutton Coldfield this summer, it allowed a question an answer, and came from a devic spirit who lived as a man before in Jerusalem 1556 years ago. His name was Feccgel Gecid, he made the crop circle to promote peace between Arab and Jew, and for both people to follow the ONE GOD. He hopes the formation will make people aware of the after life, and follow the right path while living at this level of existence.