Mike Newarks report

Its design reminded me of a flower head,it was not laid very tight. Dowsing the formation showed it to be female devic(guardian spirit of the site)each stem was of her influence and signature, it was beautiful and loving, I could feel this very strongly. Two geological fault lines ran under the crop circle aprox north south and east south east both broken lines but active.   The leys ran north south east west and s east n west, all of these crossing in the middle of the formation along with the geo fault line. Being devic it didnít contain the concentric and radial  earth force spiders web pattern at its middle, but all around this lovely warm female presence of the spirit guardian could be felt. The design looked like a petal head, with twelve lines running out from the centre to the edge of the laid area. And round this a laid path swept round the formation, and the laid crop was swept clockwise. The field where it formed was almost right on a roman road