Mike Newarks report

I ‘was not impressed by Braybrooke and found it man made when I dowsed it on site and from pictures I saw. It showed no natural earth force at all, and I found it man made when I forced an answer. The pictogram was huge across the field, and it looked the business when you first saw it, but I can only report what I found.


Mark Haywoods report

I showed the farmer the aerial image taken by Phil Brookman and he was very intrigued by the event on his land. For him this was a real eye opener and his initial comment was that people could not have done this at night.
The first thing I became aware of was how springy the laid crop was, it was laid quite flat but still had bounce as you walked around on the stems. I got down on my hands and knees to examine the stems. Everywhere I looked all I could find was broken stems. I thought that I was just unfortunate and began to choose places that I thought people would not have walked on, but still all the stems were broken at ground level. On the good side the crop lay was really quite neat with multi-layering in certain points. At the end of some of the straight bars the crop was pushed into the surrounding crop at 45 degrees.