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Chronicles of The Six
ow it all began

The date isn’t that important.
One knows when it is time to begin.
As we knew it was a time of a new beginning.

We humans like a good supernatural story and we do like to work within a sense of grandeur, of mystery and if there isn’t any we make some?

Who would have thought that a ‘telesales’ conversation would have the means that ‘kick-started’ events that led to a group of six people, half of which were previously unknown, who would travel the countryside of England, Scotland and Wales spreading truth light and love. Or simply put a new form of teachings about us humans, the Earth, Space people, goodies and the not so good. We would touch upon the great truths than the Mystic throughout the Ages has been telling it. And we are not Mystics; at least we don’t think that we are.

Then there was the name of the first speaker who addressed us at our first meeting with our new friends. It was a name that only two of the group would recognise and spread this knowledge to rest of the group and so spread and share the excitement with all. It was a name that would suggest many things depending on your frame of mind at the time.

And so we welcomed ‘The Overseer’ into our lives that almost immediately started to overwhelm us with truths that we recognised as truths as soon as they were uttered. It was a strange experience, especially as the experiences felt new yet we understood it to have been of something we knew deep within ourselves. To know that this information is ancient and has not been voiced for a very long time made our physical selves have difficulty grasping what we were being told. To be told that we have a mission may not come as a big surprise but to have it confirmed in this way shakes the belief system somewhat.

Thankfully we are aware of the power of co-incidence and now having experienced it in action, it removed all doubt that something extremely important was afoot and in the total control of the ‘higher planes’ of expression. Just how high we were soon to realise when The Overseer announced who he was and where he came from. He is one of The Nine Sentinel Beings. We now know them as The Council of Nine!

I did think that a description of us wouldn’t be amiss. But on second thoughts its not needed because what is written is written and will serve its purpose without which we are just those who are used in the spreading of ancient knowledge and truths which humanity is sadly in need of at this time. However, what follows is something that needs to be stated and recorded now, if only as a taster of what has been downloaded from The Council of Nine.

We are the Keepers of the Christ Energy and we must prepare ourselves to accommodate this light, this energy, within ourselves. To this end each of us will hold a key, indeed, already hold the keys of understanding within ourselves. Work will be done to help us to remember these seeds of knowledge and to bring them, and the Christ Energy, to this dimension. This we have been chosen to do and agreed to do while still in the Higher Planes of expression. Our physical bodies will be adjusted in time to scale down the power of the Violet Ray and release the shackles that bind the thinking of humanity.

It is Now, is the time, it is The Second Coming but not in the way humanity has decided that The Second Coming will be!

We were told of the great evolution coming upon us, of the tribulation of the body and of the Earth for it is time for all life to evolve, including mother Earth. Although the group has a belief in other worlds and other dimension, it came as a sense of excitement to be told that these beings would be communicating with us. To this end this dimension{the place where we meet} will be prepared and the energies stabilised so that ALL may come. This we later came to know as the Vortex.




 Chronicles of The Six
The Early Years
2000 to 2003 


t was through these years that a group of people, unknown to one another, were brought together through a very unusual way, a way that we had read had happened to others and in such a way it could only have been organised by those we affectionately call “Upstairs!”

From the group of many only six found themselves chosen to form a group and advised that no other people, no matter how close they were to ourselves, were to be invited to this “Circle!” It was a matter of building up energies.

We were told that we would not be taught anything but helped to remember that which we already know! And that we were to assist in building up a great power of energy that would be used create a link with the rest of the Cosmos. This we named as The Vortex and came to realise why no one else could be invited to the Circle, it was a matter of individual energy patterns and the creation The Vortex had not been attempted before. It was also important that we sat in the same positions whenever we met as any differences would also change the vibrations of The Vortex. We even discovered that if we walked through a shopping area without taking notice of this, our link with “The Nine” would be difficult to re-establish! This is the main reason why we sat in the same order around the outside of all Public Meetings. Naturally we didn’t realise that we would be doing any such thing at the time!

There is lots more that The Council of Nine told us including who they are, and where they come from, about past times, and future times and links with beings from other worlds, including those who were called upon to assist in Creating the Earth. They told about other Civilisations once present upon this Planet but long gone. About Time Travel and other Civilisations watching over us!

There is much more in fine detail that you can read for yourself. What I have written here is to alert you to what is around you, what is before you, what you maybe here for and to encourage you to down load the early meetings {2000 to 2003 years} to help you to understand more mind blowing facts and abilities that you have forgotten you already have.

Those later years are the accurate written word of the Public Addresses given to meetings we were invited to attend. We travelled to many parts of the country and met many wonderful people. Within each meeting questions were asked that are typical to many meetings and answers that were given are complete and introduced many new subjects which were fully explained.

I recommend two things. That you down load these addresses and store in, say, a ring binder. Because being direct from an extremely high level of consciousness, you may read the same text again and again and each time have a different understanding of what it is telling you. These are not what you may call ‘Normal.’

Finally, the Vortex when fully developed has a radius of 36 miles, locate the places we travelled to and draw a circle of 36 miles around that location on a road map. You now have some idea of the distribution of the Cosmic Energy throughout our land!








 Chronicles of The Six

The Latter Years

2003 to 2006


   This is the time we got down to what we were really called together to do, visiting meeting places to pass on sacred truths and go to ancient places and release ancient energies that had been hidden within the fabric of these places a long time ago. Naturally we had no idea where, what or how we were to do this but we knew that we would be guided. As if this wasn’t enough excitement, our first address was with a Scientist from 2000 years into our future! He needed our help to alter events in our time that had caused chaos in his time line. In his time a few people lived below the surface of the earth, mostly scientists, due to radiation while the rest of earth’s population lived on other planets. We had another experience with links into this time zone. We were asked to stop a war! Read about it yourself.

Now that the Vortex was self sustaining we were free to travel and begin our public demonstrations. Naturally, we started this locally building up a method and way and how to! We remembered to form a circle around the outside of every meeting enclosing those present within the Vortex.

There was a lot of pre-planning to be done before we made our visits, but many things fell into place and we experienced so many wonderful things as we travelled that it was obvious we were getting a great deal of help from our friends.

I don’t wish to spoil any excitement you may experience as you read the transcripts from the meetings by giving too much away in this short introduction, but do print out copies and read them more than once. Not immediately after the first time but you will find more information coming to you as you follow my suggestion. These transcripts have come from very elevated energy {light} which is embedded within them. You already know where they originated from, The Council of Nine.

Do read all the address’s in order for you will also detect how the level of information rises to greater heights with each public meeting.


May the blessings of the eternal God Force be with you all.




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