These notes are presented here to give some idea of how we were at that time and what was expected of us afterwards. The Six was how we became known simply because only six were chosen to form a group meeting as explain more fully in later addresses.While, the names of those people attending these meetings is recorded, I feel they still privacy as their first names are quite common and may refer to anyone! Only those in attendance will know who is who!

This is about the earlier information given to the group before the creation of TheSix and, as the information was taken from various sources, I thought that it needed a clean-up without actually altering the punctuation as this might well change the meaning or sense of the information. I have therefore kept well within the guide lines of ‘not changing anything from the original.’ Dates are as given as they are important in many differing ways!


Explanation notes and back up notes, are included where it is felt necessary, to aid clarification of how, when and if events took place. In essence, the first three years are a training course and the latter three years are a doing period. We were known as The Six and we worked for Six years travelling the country spreading light and love. All will be revealed as you read on until 2006!4th March 2000 Leicester.

Present: Olive, Nora, Frank, Marion, Paul, Lynda, Beryl, Pat, Jean, June, John, Colin, Joan, Kay, Sylvia.

B.There is someone here calling himself “The Overseer.”

L.There is someone with Paul now. Welcome brother.

Paul in Trance. We bring you the violet ray. The web that is your lives has become intricate and there are many intersections. I am one of Nine sentinel beings. The Christ energy enfolds you. You are its Keepers. The Christ Spirit sends this gift for you. Your tribulations, your trials that you experience at this time, prepare your vessels to hold this Light, this emanation. The Master Soul will not come in body. Instead the Essence will flow from many instruments. Each of you holds the key. Each of you is used to transmit a certain frequency. Do not be concerned at the quieter times when you feel that you have lost your connection with the higher dimensions. We work on your Higher Selves. These energies are too intense, too rarefied for this dimension. But you have been chosen to scale down these energies that they may be fed and transmitted into the Earth plane.You all have within you seeds of understanding, you know of the great changes, you have spoken and discussed this. You must not have fear for with change there must always be tribulation.There are many modes of thought within your brothers on this plane that have solidified over aeons of time. In order that these shackles may be released and the Emanation may flow, there will be painful experiences that will shock and challenge these belief systems. It is time for our brothers in body to take this next step, to walk into this Light, to discover the potential that is within. Letting go will be painful to many and situations will have to be brought into play that will forcible remove them from their imprisonment.This violet emanation that comes from The Divine One reaches the outer fringes of this physical Cosmos. It causes disturbances within the fields of emanation from your Sun. It causes great disturbances within the Earth itself. These can be balanced and counteracted with the Violet Ray and with the use of the instruments gathered within this place. First we must stabilise the dimension that you are in. During this time many will pass, but you must not feel sadness in this, for it is their time. They have chosen this pathway.Many beings from other dimensions also work with this power. Some of you in your misunderstanding have determined their origins as Outer Space. They come from a parallel dimension and due to the changes that are happening at this level, fissures are opening and the two are blending, unifying. They are part of you. You would not be on this planet if it had not been for their intervention. Many times has the evolution been nudged in certain directions to avoid extinction of life on this planet, and again we reach this point.Science and misuse of knowledge that is given in love will this time be the down fall and must be dealt with, with help from these brothers. Certain situations will unfold and cannot be turned back. Certain things have been created within this physical dimension that will evolve and upset the balance. Chemicals, mankind has meddled with the building blocks of this very material dimension. Great harm has been caused but it will not be the end of this planet.As you go forward in your groups we ask you to be open in your hearts and minds for if you have not already, you will receive communications and transmissions from other beings. Do not be alarmed for ALL life, ALL dimensions gather their forces, gather their Light and Power and will return to help where it is needed. ALL life, no matter how diverse, contains a spark of the Divine Spirit. Fear not your Master is with you in many guises. You will unravel the mysteries of your religions for this established thinking will crumble and many will be flailing and reaching out for answers. You WILL provide those answers. Old ones will animate your tongues. The Light will shine forth from your eyes. You must always know your Master is with you.You have walked on this earth plane in physical form with the one we term the Nazarene, this man who attained the Christ consciousness. But there have been many, ALL One Soul, ALL projections of the ONE energy, Buddha, Krishna, all from ONE source. It is the minds of men who have recorded these experiences that have created these religions. The New Earth will have no religion. There will be simple truth as it was planned from the very beginning.I come near to the end of this transmission. I thank you for your love. We are constantly with you, for you are our relay station on the earth plane, and as you have come together, so this window has grown, this beacon has intensified and each of you will take this Light into your lives. I give blessings to each and every one and I withdraw now.

{General discussion

Paul. Oh! I think I am seeing Jesus. I can see the breaking of bread, and us eating together is important. It’s a symbolic thing. I’m seeing a great big jewel with lots of different facets and each one of us is a facet on this jewel. They’re telling me we’re all one, spiritually. I could see a hand open then and it’s the hand of Jesus because I could see where the nail had gone through from being on the cross, and in the centre of the hand was this jewel. We’re held in the palm of his hand
{Everyone suddenly went very cold!}
Paul. It’s the breath of God. You can feel it blowing across your face. He’s going round all of us putting something on each of our heads. He’s calling it anointing, or something!
Frank. It’s very symbolic, very sacred and of a very high level. It’s probably the Christ vibration because Christ is a word that means “Anointed One.”
Beryl. I’m getting a word that sounds like ‘firmand’.

{Dict. Possibly FIRMAN meaning a degree, mandate or order of an eastern monarch issued for any purpose as a passport, grant, licence, etc.}

Paul. He’s reminding me of something He told us a few months ago, that thought are powerful. Now we’ve been given this Energy, our thoughts carry more weight. We’ve got to be very careful about our thoughts. About the bad thoughts because we al have them. If we think bad thoughts they will hurt, but likewise the good thoughts will do more good. We’ve had to be warned about that for some reason.Marion. When we’ve had a bad or negative thought we should immediately send a good thought to counteract it.

Paul. Definitely. He’s talking about our pathway and He’s saying that by doing that you will avoid the sharp stones that will hurt your feet. What will happen is that these negative thoughts will go out and cause shrapnel and pebbles on the pathway that you stumble on further on. He’s still here but He’s got someone’s guide with Him who looks like an old fashioned music hall dame, or perhaps it’s being brought in as a stage environment. I’m also seeing the old fashioned music hall with candles and mirrors.

Lynda. Is it symbolic of the ‘world is a stage?’

Paul. It could be!

Frank. We’re centre stage!

Paul. It’s more than that. We’ve got to get the word out to lots of people and I feel that time is running out for us here. Not for Spirit, but for us here.

Frank. The time’s right to spread the word.

Paul. He’s saying that mirrors are sacred and that one day we will understand the power of mirrors.

Olive. There is a saying I was told never to use about when someone’s sending you bad thoughts. “I’m a mirror and I return…..and it sent the evil back ten fold. But then it’s still there?
     Marion. Much better if you ask for it to be transmuted and sent back. It will do good, not harm.
     Paul. I feel there is an added dimension here because He’s smiling at me now and saying that there is a physical thing here. The healers of the future will use mirrors. I can see a doctor’s couch with lots of mirrors being adjusted. This is a new thing.

John. Somebody’s saying to me, “The body reflects light that’s why you see the image in the mirror and therefore if you have an ailment, you could say that your body’s image direct light and energy towards the mirror. I think there is a principle here somewhere that someone is using to take the frequency of someone’s illness, alter it and pass it back through the body to effect a cure. It’s being suggested to me that you could do this with mirrors also using the reflected light.
{General discussion!}

Paul. There are many meanings in this message and it is something that will develop in the future. It will be a science of the mirrors once they understand the energies. It looks like a dentist’s type of chair with fifty or sixty saucer sized mirrors on angle poised lamp stands. Behind each mirror is a being using something that looks like salt or white powder? I feel this is old knowledge coming through for the future. Also, the direction of the compass point is important too. There’s a grid that has something to do with Ley Lines and the power there, has to be in harmony with it. It will all be second nature to those people involved with this technology. We’re here to build the foundations for all of this.

Frank. When we sit we allow the energies to come down and with it is knowledge and by discussing it, as we are now, it’s now in the Earth.

{General Discussion!}

Beryl. The Breath of God is here. The Holy Breath, it’s touching the hearts of those here this evening. It is brought to us as encouragement for the work. It brings upliftment and perseverance. It brings the love of ‘passing on’ knowledge to others. It brings the need to help those who are in want. It works through the hearts and minds of all those here present. It’s the most sacred wind. It cleaves to those who are of like minds, but rushes past all those who believe and brings chill to their hearts. But to those who come to meet it, it will be as succour and it shall light up their faces and bring a wonderment never known in their lives before. It shall usher in the changes. It is here at your feel waiting to take over your lives. You have allowed the doorway to open for this most precious wind to come in. It shall be a cooling balm to you, which you will pass on to others. It shall be bright like froth of the sea and deep like crystal water. It shall calm your thoughts and settle deep within your souls, for it is the most precious gift that God your Father shall give.Weep not for those who are lost to Spirit. Weep for those here left on the Earth, those who do not understand, those who are in peril of loosing their very souls. For the Comforter shall not draw near and comfort all, only those chosen. And there are many that turn their backs and will not see; waste not your time on these. Nurture those who want to learn, who wish to be helped up the ladder of God your Father.This is coming into the Spiritual where there will be a dividing line of those who wish to learn and those who turn their backs. You will know those who want to learn, you will know those with love in their hearts, for their love is shown in their eyes and you will see. You are chosen to be their teachers. Do your work well. Your names are known personally to your Father. The Breath kisses you, each on your forehead this evening. Your work shall go on and you shall do well. Amen! Let it be so.

Long Pause.}

Paul in trance whispering. Accept these energies, Bless you. I am humbled to follow in the wake of such a being. Thank you. I am sorry, but I passed in fire. I have not spoken before.

Lynda. Can we help you?

Paul in trance whispering. I have no speech. I come only to add my own Light, as many do. I have been one who you have helped. The flying man {Ian!} he came with others, on the beams that you sent, and took me from my monastery. I was allowed to thank you, and in turn I come to add my strength to your endeavours.

Olive. Dear Bishop Latimer, thank you.

Paul in trance whispering. Greatest Blessings on all of you.

Lynda. Thank you for coming. God bless you.

Others. Bless you.

Olive. Thank you, that was wonderful, Dear Bishop.

What follows are notes given to the group from Paul and Lynda’s group to bring both groups, ours and theirs, as we have overlapped one another without knowing anything about it? I have kept the original dates as they may prove to be important!

Paul. My breath envelops you. My light burns in your very fibre. You are my children, my flock. ALL are included. Fear not the darkness, for it cannot extinguish this flame. The light that you bring into this world, cleanses all the darkness. My plan unfolds and you are the means to my end. You have learnt to look beyond the suffering and can see the light that it born from it. Your fears will dissolve away, your doubts will wither. For your centres are anchored to my mantle. You are the keepers of this knowledge you are the carriers of the message, the key. It is entrusted with you, for you have earned this and have worked through many lifetimes. The darkness has no place in your auras: it cannot enter. Your Higher selves have been purified and even your conscious minds are deflected from this darkness, but you can still recognise it in others.
There has always been battle for domination in this Cosmos, but there must be balance. Day and night, ignorance and understanding, chaos and order, from darkness comes new growth. From chaos comes order. There are those who have turned from my Light and choose to envelop themselves in chaos. They are lost to themselves. They carry this hatred within and it pollutes my world, but it is not reversible. It has always been. But soon, my children of the Earth must learn to find themselves, to know the power that is within. To fulfil their destiny, to become one with my power and to bring harmony so that evolution may continue. I bring to you many of the old ones who, in form and nature, are very different from you. They have their purpose, they must repay and serve and they WILL come closer to you. You are on the fringe of great discoveries. You will be asked to do things that will appear strange to you, new ways of working and new ways of connecting with your parts within. For it is through you and those of your level that I will walk this Earth once ore.
     You have done well my children; always know that I am with you. Do not let irritations of those around you mask this light that wants to flow, for it merely delays you on your path, it is not significant. As you move forward in your understanding the human part of you will become less significant and you will take up your true purpose to walk upon this plain and carry my Light and the love and understanding of my Father.
Listen to the thoughts from your centre selves. Wait for the transmission from your cousins. Do not fear them, for they are working with you under my guidance. My tears for my Earth will flow through you and cleanse. Tears like rain provide sustenance and growth, tears of Love and Compassion. Your emotions are linked to this great power. You feel the pain of my world, but know that this pain is one more step to that which has been foreseen that which has been prophesied, that which will be.Stripping away continues, many must pass but they will be taken into my kingdom and made ready for their journey into progression. Cry not for the human shells that have been discarded allow your tears to flow into my world to make her fertile once more so that the old things can return, the old powers, the old wisdoms.You are coded within your psyches and will be triggered automatically once the energies are right. You are my orchestra and you are preparing to play the greatest symphony of all time. You are my instruments and I pluck your strings to restore the harmony of this place. My blessings are ever with you for you are of my mantle, you are part of me and each of you has beside you an Angel of my Light.
     {Here Gio barked and went outside!!} The young ones [referring to Gio} do not understand the power and it unnerves them, but they are with you for a purpose. Their energies, although not human are needed. They are children of children and have their place and their purpose. You are their guardians and your sustains them and helps in their evolution. Sometimes they sense our presence and it blinds their consciousness. As with mankind when once he was primitive and looked upon the face of a Celestial Being! He sensed with his intuition, the intelligence and compassion and was afraid and fell down upon the ground to worship this powerful being. It is the nature of all things small to be in awe of bigger things.
It is time for me to withdraw from this place but I leave you a gift. I leave you my energy, my breath is with you and all things you do are in my

Name. This is my trust in you. Love one another for this is your strength. I bless you Gentle            Children of Light.
     J.   Has he come through Paul before? I don’t remember. I thought He usually came through      Beryl. That was amazing wasn’t it?

L     Wasn’t that lovely! I just prayed and asked Him if He would give Mike and Sheila a bit             of a message.




What follows is a record of information given to this group by the Oxford Group following the address recorded earlier. There are a great many of margin notes that ought to be made more clear and part of the original notes. This I have done. As usual, the dates are as given on the original notes. Our Space brothers are introduced to us at this time. In future meetings we get to know them quiet well.


13th April 1998
Space Brothers in Ancient Times

Paul in trance: I enter through the mists of time. I am MENESH. My bones have long since turned to dust. I come to share the ancient ways. Gods walked amongst our people. Their world has been devastated by floods and I know now that these beings were not Gods, but came from beyond the stars. They were just visitors to our world. My father’s father welcomed them to our people. They bestowed knowledge of medicines and building. They taught of the stars and of motions of the planets. There were three tribes of being. After the devastation one tribe came to my people, Osiris, master of all our lands. His other tribe visited the large continent to the West, Quetzalcoatl in the South of the continent, and Wankan Tank in the North of the continent. All had knowledge of time.Our people were born and died, yet these beings did not wither with age. They governed our lands for an epoch until one amongst them, Sett, vied for power. Their blood flowed through our lands. Their magic devastated our landscape. The flam of their rage burned away our lands, turned them to desert. Their war raged for two generations until the time when they returned to their home amongst the stars. My descendants recall these happenings but talk of them as Gods. Isis cleansed the waters so they flowed into the Euphrates in order that we will survive, but they had left with us knowledge of structure and we built to venerate their memory. There are many ancient mysteries that are locked in the mists of time. It is my chosen path to return to this place. I Menesh son of Khuan, will return to verse you in these mysteries. May the rays of the Supreme Being sustain you in your growth.




8th May 1998

Beryl. I keep getting the words, something being Taboo, and someone said, “We will see that it isn’t Taboo.” I can smell rubber. It’s them! I’m getting the words, “I am the most interchangeable of all of us. You can smell what I am. I want to interchange with you. Our bone structures are different, Selenium. You are nine carat, we are eighteen carat. We cannot sneeze like you do and our laughter is just a feeling of contentment. Our eyes have no tears. I am a go-between.”

Beryl. I felt this space person taking my face over. {Lynda saw a black Space person and drew a picture of him…Which we don’t have!}




5th June 1998

Beryl. I’m being told to prepare for a visit from the Dog Star. I’m being told that the last time a visit was from there, was in the 10th Century. From that actual place not through circle but an actual visit to Earth. I’m getting something for you to dwell upon; you will hear a sound like a distant muffled gong!


6th July 1998 Osiris

Paul in trance. Ancient tongues have come this way but I come before. On the sands of time I travel to you. Across the great divide I come. I am Osiris.My world was in ruins, our power had grown and been abused and the laws of the Cosmos dealt out its punishment to my people. Many in their arrogance stayed and were destroyed. But a few took to their ships and their flying crafts and escaped the destruction. I am the one who has been inflated in your history books to that of a God.I am not of this world or yours. My origins lie beyond this Blue Planet. We were visiting but our people became tempted by these heavy vibrations in your atmosphere. We were not like you when we first reached your people, but through centuries of breeding, your race now reflects some of our traits. Many of my race still dwell on worlds far from this Solar System and as we speak, make ready their craft for this long journey to be reunited with their distant ancestors. There is within the void between our worlds, great boulders that drift within this void and the changes within your vibrations will draw to it, one of these. Do not be alarmed for this Blue Planet has suffered these retributions many times in its evolution. The spirit of humankind is indomitable and will survive but only in an evolved state. It cannot maintain at this level.I will speak to you again, and as I wait for my descendants to enter your space from the place you call the Dog Star, I will closely monitor your progress and the ancient mysteries of my people will not be mysteries any more to you.
May the blessings of the Divine Creator be upon you and your paths.




19th July 1998 Vortigan

Paul in trance. Someone is saying, “I am the Guardian of the Vortices.” I am seeing what I am sure is an Extra Terrestrial. He is very tall, about 7feet and very pale, humanoid, real blond hair and piecing blue eyes. He is wearing a white plastic cape. I am getting the name Vortigan. He is giving me the word ANKARA also, and he is saying that Ankara is being placed is our cerebral cortex, and I am going to be an aerial. We can tune into them. It’s a new race that has come in. He says, “We are not drones.” What he is saying is that we exist in other dimensions at the same time as being solid. You know when you step in front of two mirrors and you see yourself going back in an endless tunnel, with lots of yourself getting smaller and smaller….I’m seeing that. As he moves in one place it moves on a different plane somewhere else. If you imagine that where you are now is the real you and the image in the mirror the reflection, is another world, a different dimension.He tells me that they are aware of their different parts of themselves whereas you are not. You are stuck in the one dimension. If you look at a picture of a house on a sheet of paper, that is how we look to him, flat and without {depth}. We are only aware of that sheet of paper. With him, not only is it a three dimensional house but it is also divided up into rooms and garden. Their reality is much bigger than ours. We are only looking at one tiny little bit of it but to us that’s everything. We think we live in a place that has vas dimension, but we haven’t really. To him we are flat.




14th August 1998 Jarius of Muldeck.

Paul in trance. My world is just fragments in the void. Millennia have passed since I was in physical form and although your physiology’s different, I have been able with difficulty, to manifest.There were once ten planets in this System. Sirians have entered this space and have chosen you. My race are descendants of these people. Other beings that are unlike you in physical form are communicating with you but they cannot reproduce. They duplicate themselves from reserves of genetic material. Each time this is copied, the pattern deteriorates and soon they will reach the end of their reserves. So we return to this physical dimension, so that our races blend. My world was destroyed by a terrible war. We fought with our forefathers. We miss- used our technology and I Jarius, come back to this physical dimension to repay the mistakes of my people to help prevent the same tragedies which lay before your race. You think of humanity as being unique within this Cosmos but you are merely my cousins! We have all stemmed from the same genetic material. Although different, there are traces within the rhibosoames of your DNA that is one with my race, with the race of the Sirians and with the race that comes from within your dimensions. Many things must blend.This world reaches a crucial stage in its development and there are many who wish to help this and there are those that work against us. Not all visitors to your planets come with peace. The balance of power is constantly shifting. In the course of your lives you will see great changes and you will see with your physical eyes those within your Spiritual domain, those who have moved from their physical bodies and you will meet also those who still have physical being but exist within the spaces of your dimensions. They exist between the layers, between your space and time. The delicate balance of creation has become threadbare and frayed and it’s necessary for these to blend so that their Space Continuum will not unravel further.
Much of what I speak remains beyond your grasp But in the fullness of time will be shown to you for soon you will be taken outside of your reality as you know it, so that you may view this fabric from without, for you must know and recognise the dark forces which seek to unravel further. It is your duty, your pathway to restore balance to this plane on many levels.I struggle to maintain this link, for although we are similar, there are many incompatibilities and my transmission is almost complete. Soon your grey brothers will join you once more, for they gather near to you to check on your implants!!!




8th January 1999. GUNTHER

Beryl. I’ve heard someone playing a bass. Someone is talking about a shelf and I feel that they have placed us on a shelf tonight. I’m not being told where this shelf is….it’s a shelf on a cliff and it’s close to them. It’s our Astral bodies that have been placed on this shelf. They are saying that sometimes they can get closer to our Astral than they can to us. The sound of the bass was Astral hearing inside this big cliff and bringing it back into our own hearing. Someone is saying, “Because you can hear with your Astral ears and the sound filters down through your Astral into your physical body. We were inside you while you were outside in your Astral form. At one ‘clock in your morning we will visit you again, separately. We are working on squares, the power in squares.My name is Gunther. We have never lived on your world. There are many squares of energy between you and us. Energy has different shapes and we are working on squares. Cubes you may call these. Our brothers have visited you but not on a personal level. We find it very interesting that you have to take energy through your mouths with such things you call cake, recipes etc. We do not need to do this. Our energy is taken direct, though the energy field in our body.We bring you sound better than sight. When you itched, that was us. We have not been back since then, but you will not have this problem on this venture. It is well with your group. Learning and understanding are travelling along a line towards us and we will meet somewhere along that line in the future.Gunther will now leave.



29th January 1999. Nexus.

Paul in trance. Forgive me. I am unaccustomed to the coarseness of these vibrations. I have journeyed from this place. I am without form, without shape. I come from a band of pure energy that we term The Nexux. I acknowledge the words of our learned friend. Your dimension is indeed faced with a dilemma of Cosmic proportions. The Divine Light which is the centre of all things has decreed and called upon those within many dimensions, to draw to this place at this time. This group will be the place of folding. Your dedication and purity of spiritual love will enable those dimensions to fold in on themselves. I am one of many who will oversee this great folding. We ask much of you in the months to come. You must learn to train your thoughts and not let them stray from the task. Idle conversations cannot be brought into these meetings. They must remain outside of this work. We ask that once you open and you connect with the workers beyond the veil, that you listen and concentrate and do not bring thoughts of your lives with you until this meeting is closed. I ask in the name of your Father and, although this may seem harsh, it is vital to the progress of this plan. For the delicate alignment of these dimensions it is essential that our thoughts remain focused. As soon as you dwell on personal affairs you step out of this link and out of alignment. What is asked of you is not impossible for you have been chosen for this very difficult operation. In order that the levels of energy from far beyond this plane can be directed into your midst, it requires this level of commitment within your minds. You will be helped and your minds, if they drift, will be pushed back within this focus.Think deeply over these words that have been given for without this we come no closer and for us to coalesce in tangible form, we need this. Great things can be accomplished in this place, for rarely is there such harmony among individual in body and this must not be wasted.We have experimented in recent days and have brought other dimensions to your minds. But, these layers must become one within this group for the fabric of this dimension called the Earth plane unravels. Damage which is irreparable from within this one dimension, matter must be grafted from other levels of existence and this living energy in tangible form, will be directed through this centre.The format in which you follow will change as we come nearer to you we will take control and direct you, for your group has made great strides but still has far to travel. Do not be daunted by my words, for we ask only that you have love within your hearts, dedication to serve and that you remain clear and focused during the course of these meetings.The one named Jesus of Nazareth has chosen you for this task and the council of Elders who gather within this mantel also will be instrumental within this work. Your individual guides also play their part, but many layers must blend. This annual cycle which has just begun within your calendar is vital in this great plan. And, you have proved to one an other on personal levels and have overcome many things and have tolerated your differences. All these things have been applied to you to test you for your dedication and you have passed these tests. You have recognised the spiritually within, the links go deeper than your human personas. Many gather to plan the way forward and we will advise you when these changes must take place.I thank you for allowing me to manipulate these coarse vibrations for a short time, and I look forward to our work together as beings of like mind and intent.
I convey the blessings of your Lord.



There is no date attached to the following information but I think it would be reasonable to give it to within those dates of the texts already recorded. I suggest between January and February 1999.

Further, Alpha and Gamma are two helpers that ensure that everything is as it should be for the clear and safe working conditions of Paul while he is in trance.
It was quite amusing when we first heard their conversation because one has a squeaky voice and while the other has a very deep bass voice. It’s very effective because we have no doubt which is speaking and doing what from the sound of their voices. Alpha = a, Gamma = g.It is not recorded who the speaker is who is controlling the events of this address. Beryl just channels information which is used to explain things.

Paul in trance.

a. Do not be alarmed, you are in mental restraint.
Beryl. Arrows of condensed energy are hitting the edges of this circle and as they pierce the outer edge the energy flows through. Red and vibrant. Like minstrels playing a gay tune they dance around the edges, and your minds dance with them. These are your starters for the building blocks. Mental images from our thoughts help you to build-up your own mental energy. It is an ongoing things like a snowball being rolled in the snow, it grows bigger and bigger. Feel the energy as it passes around your circle. The silence of your minds will help it to gather speed.a.Control has been established. His mind is empty. Mental function has been ceased.g.That’s good; you may now proceed to open this portal.

Beryl. There are two openings here this evening and two smaller vents to allow the power       through.

a. Our energy signature has been overlaid.

g.This will allow for future communication.

a.That is our intention………The fields are de-stabilising.

g. It was to be expected for a first attempt, but now the energy signature has been overlaid          it may be reopened at will.

a.Their minds must be fixed.

g.And they will be.

a. Full control has been established with two…..We must release them now for the fields      become unstable.

g. It has been successful and we must go and prepare the next phase.


12 February 1999.

Beryl. We know where you are at all times. We can give you dreams. You will find you are thirsty some nights, always have a glass of water by your side. Intense heat, sore throat. We are using what you would call a Scanner. You will feel the heat from this. Eat not so much salt. Your thoughts will then move more easily to other plains. You have enough salt in your body already, only use the minimum amount. Red meat is bad… meat is not right. It can be a danger to you. We do not want you to have danger, for we feel compassion, which is a type of love for you. You are our siblings, our very own experiments. One day you will see us. Do not be shocked for we are very different. Remember our values and our good intent towards yourselves and your planet.The ethers are different. We have a smudge like torso that looks hazy, but even we have many different forms. Gases affect us in your atmosphere. The same way our vapours will affect you, but we are working on this. We wish to take you to our plain! To do this you must be prepared. We are sorry for the rash on the elder, it will soon pass. She had to catch up. We cannot work on all at once. This is not a mind paralysis, but a mind intervention. The subject knows of the sayings, but is held in a like vice. Thank you all for your attentions towards us and your willingness to allow us to enter in which way we chose. This is rare amongst your people, even with those who believe. Thank you now. I will withdraw.





Once more we have no date for what follows however Alpha and Gamma do tell us who they      are and their function to ensure the welfare and performance of Paul is not impaired.

Paul in trance.

a. Increase the power gradually.

g. The envelope is forming

a. They have designations

g. It is natural for them to be separate

a. How can a species survive in such emptiness?

g. They find their completion in their interactions.

a. This is why they procreate?

g. They have not evolved beyond the physical.

a. It is the same as us in the distant past.

g. Before we were transformed beyond the material level.

a. And they will follow the same path?

g. It is unlikely at this time. The splicing must occur.

a. This is why the material is implanted?

g. This is so.

a. There is awareness of our presence.

g. This is our intention. We observe them and must interact soon.

a. Their consciousness reached out towards us.

g. Do not be alarmed, they have compassion and are hungry to learn.

a. They require designations.

g. We do not have designations.

a. I think it will make them comfortable.

g. We will be knows as ALPHA and GAMMA.

a. Why choose these words. What significance?

g. ALPHA is the waves that form within their minds and GAMMA is their word for the         energies which we ride to reach this envelope.

a. Why have we been selected to form this envelope?

g. Because we have the understanding of these dimensional barriers.

a. But we will not blend with this species.

g. No. We must make a doorway and others will use it.

a. But we must protect them.

g. We have the ability to ensure their safety and we will be aware of their divided            consciousness which exists beyond this physical.

a. How do they survive when they are scattered between many levels?

g. It is natural to them not to be conscious of these higher parts. You must remember they          are linear in their understanding of time.

a. So they do not remember their whole selves?

g. No. Their consciousness is limited to one cycle with this body. It was so with our people           but now we do not have physical existence and we have stepped outside of linear time.

a. These have been chosen to step through this doorway?

g. They have been selected for the unique blend of energies when they are one.

a. There are others?

g. There are many others that have been selected.

a. I am aware of the presence of many minds.

g. You sense the presence of their elder ones.

a. And where do these exist?

g. As I have explained. Their consciousness is split within many levels and many of their          elder ones do not retain a physical vehicle.

a. How can they communicate?

g. Certain of these species have extended senses and their thoughts can penetrate beyond          this one material plane.

a. I find it quire confusing. How they exist in this way.

g. This is why they are unique in this respect and why many must come to help to preserve          this species.

a. This envelops, why do we choose this body?

g. He has been chosen for he leaves an emptiness which allows us to build this envelope.

a. So he is not divided? He is one with his other parts?

g. No. He will not retain consciousness of his memory. He still exists on many levels.

a. Do they ever become one with their other selves?

g. This will happen when they leave this physical body, but with these specimens, they will           bring this memory into one consciousness.

a. But surely it will overwhelm their minds?

g. They have been modified. Extensions have been made within their cortexes. This is the          pain that was caused in the female. The technicians who work from that other dimension          are clumsy. They are not used to manipulating these vibrations.

a. We must not allow them to cause them harm.

g. There will be no harm, for what we do is monitored by their elders. Any damage is           rectified by the energies that can restore.

a. We will continue to watch them as they grow closer to this doorway.

g. They make good progress. We must leave now as the fields de-stabilise once more.




19th February 1999.


Paul in trance. While deep breathing….Compatible, Oneness, Contact, Words new, Will      learn language. {Makes sounds like Japanese/Chinese}
     Go go……pause.

Paul. It has started. First of many that will follow. They do not communicate as you do. They      must adapt and learn to incorporate your syntax.

Joan. Whispering “Joan can you hear that Morse code by my elbow?”

Joan. No!

Beryl. Yes there it is, listen. It’s popping. It’s down by our elbows.

Joan. Oh! Yes. Right.

Lynda. I can hear it Beryl.

Beryl. It’s been going on for a minute or two.

Paul. You hear them.

Lynda. Who are they please?

Paul. They are a race of many. From each race has been chosen a representative who will      speak and will communicate and will manifest. Each species will bring a unique      expertise.Solace will leave you now to these manifestations.

Beryl. Can you hear that Lynda? It’s right by my elbow.

Lynda. Yes.

Beryl. There is a bit of smoke there just between our elbows. Did you see it?

Joan. No.

Beryl. It’s still doing it. Oh! I saw a flash of light on the ceiling. Can you build it up please? I           feel all excited inside as if it’s connected to all this. I’ve been told to go off deep again.

Long Pause.

Paul. Touchy not too soon. Watch only when we work and stable. Will tell you when touchy, OK! …… We bring sound from one dimension and it is transmitted in complete form and you perceive with your senses. Many races with myriad differences must come and you become much exciting, and much exciting in other dimensions. As we proceed this mutual exciting will be less and will allow more. Your thoughts when still and calm, build this bridge. Futons {might be Photons}which pass into this void disrupt our workings and we thank you that you have shielded much. As we proceed we will experiment with other forms of energy. We have achieved sound. We will try for voice and work towards matter. These portals will not always be in the same space for we can direct the energies but where they eddy and flow, is open to a Greater Law. But they will not extend beyond the perimeter of this field. I am one who has observed and now chose to communicate. Each voice will overlay their own matrix of energy and these once bound to your earthly energies, will affect the repairs to this frayed existence. It will take many threads from my dimensions to repair these holes. It cannot be allowed for this dimension of yours to unravel, because it spreads within dimensions. I must return as we will damage this body if we stay too long, and no harm is wished.

26th February 1999.

Paul in trance.

a.Care must be taken, we have not alignment.

g.What you see is the shimmering as one enters.

a.There is a new one amongst them {meaning Connie.}

g.This one is protected.

a.That is why she is within the envelope.

g.She is not within but has been held outside.

a.I am concerned that the conduit is not stable. Much is taken from this body.

g.It is within the perimeters of safety. There is much strength.

a.Many ones queue and wait to speak.

g.They must be patient for if they enter too soon before we make this bridge, the distortions        are magnified.

a.The particles of the body are still. Their resonances have extended beyond this time        frame.

g.There has been much work. The instruction was planted in the consciousness and an         awareness has been given to sense these time distortions, although it is not conscious.

a.But I have concern for the parts were brought together too quickly.

g.It is quite natural for them to reconnect rapidly with their other parts when consciousness returns to the body.

a.It is my role with this experiment to ensure no harm.

g.I appreciate your concern but no harm will follow. Your innocence and your youth enable you empathise with these beings. I too understand their frailty.

a.They can hear us as we speak.

g.Of course. We are within this envelope and must remain here as long as this portal is         open.

a.Will more enter through during this experiment?

g.It is uncertain. Many try.

a.I am concerned that this portal is unravelling.

g.It is easier to maintain when light is minimal. That is why many must help. As we progress          with this body, it will be easier to deflect the rays of light?

a.But they must not be completely without light for their eyes cannot function.

g.But their eyes within their bodies are just small windows. There are many levels of seeing         within this species.

a.So what is the purpose of having no light?

g.The purpose is two fold. For our workings, light is an energy that interferes with our       energies. And also their elders that work within their dimension can develop their other        levels      of seeing.

a.I do not understand. There is only one way to see.

g.You forget that you are one within yourself. Their consciousness exists on many levels at         once and each facility can see in differing depths and clarity. But their insistence to         remain within physical bodies in the course of their evolution, has made the physical         senses become much stronger, in order to survive.

a.And the darkness will help them to turn their minds away from this sense?

g.That is the plan of their elders.

a. Time grows short.

g. Indeed, time grows short for this world also and it is imperative that many come through         this portal to convey their energies into this dimension. And more can be transmitted for         when there are rays of light, the portal is smaller and less energy can be passed through.         When light rays are reduced, the portal can be extended many more can enter.

Joan {whispering} Shall I blow the candle out?

Lynda. Yes you could do. {This was done}

a.I am concerned that we damage this body.

g.It has become accustomed to our presence. Its discomfort within the cells will only be        short lived as the electrolyte content of the fluids returns to its normal perameters.

a.I do not like the pain within this species.

g.The fleeting pain outweighs the pain of many who will perish without this help which is        given. You know the projections if we do not intervene with this dimension. The fabric will        unravel and the matrix of matter will convert into pure energy.

a.But their thoughts hold this matter in one place.

g.Yes, but they do not realise this. They are separate; they do not understand that the         universe around them is a reflection of their thoughts.

a.Can we not tell them, so that they could weave and repair these holes?

g.Their understanding must be learnt through evolution. It cannot be taught to them. Their         elders understand but cannot remain in this fabric without help from outside.

a.Which is why the many must come?

g.This is correct. Great progress has been made, for the one that spoke through the female        has instilled a resonance and overlaid a matrix of energy that can be replicated by their        elders.

a.And this will help to repair this damage?

g.It will be slow but soon great differences will be perceived within this dimension.

a.And it will allow their evolution to take its natural course?

g.There have been many times that this species has turned in error to blind alleys and help         has been given from outside to nudge them on to this correct pathway.

a.But I thought we could not influence the natural progression?

g.We cannot, but when they are faced with annihilation through their errors, this would         discontinue this whole dimension, and it would have adverse effects on dimensions close to         the wavelength.

a.So this unravelling would spread?

g.This is true. Enough now. We have reached the end of this experiment.

a.We will go now and allow the elders to help this one return.

This brings those pages given to us by our friends from the Oxford Group to an end. It is interesting that these pages contain many things which TheSix undertook, much later, in the course of their work while being unaware of the full meaning of these original pages.


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