Hello, my name is Lynda and I am one of a group of six who sat to channel energy from The Council of Nine. While still in spirit, we chose to sit in this lifetime and channel the high level energy for its positive use by mankind and all the other dimensions that were linked in with the channeling.

Those who were at the meetings where we assisted to bring through this energy will know the divine feeling of being within that energy and the indescribable feelings that went home with us. They are with us still, as the link is always there for any of us (not only the group of six) to link into.

So I urge all of you to use this link in your meditations and healing, for the power of the energy can do so much good. Remember – energy follows thought, so keep your intentions at their highest and your work with spirit will blossom in the direction you request.

The transcripts are here for worldwide access and we can put the thought out to the Universe, for interested people and entities, to be able to access this website for their own awareness, thereby lifting the vibrations and enabling spiritual development for the universe as a whole.

At present the group of six are working for spirit individually, and also working on their own personal development.

I wish you all the love and energy with your endeavors on your pathways.

If you would like to contact me my email is linny17@hotmail.com.


Lynda Abdullah

Clairvoyant readings by email

Lynda is now offering readings by email – your spirit guides are waiting to communicate with you in any way they can. If you need an accurate reading which is specific to your current situation, and require guidance or wish to contact family members who have passed over, then why not have an email reading.

Just send Lynda an email asking for a reading and if you have a specific problem or situation that you would like your spirit guides to focus on state this with the least possible information. E.g. health issue or money problem. Do NOT give any other details. Cost is £30 sterling. Email: linny17@hotmail.com with ‘reading’ in the subject. Lynda will reply to your email including payment terms. You will receive a one hour reading sent to you as an email attachment.

Lynda has been providing clairvoyant readings for many years and is now offering this service to people anywhere in the world, via the email. The readings are normally from high level spirit guides who are waiting to help and guide you with your life pathway. The messages are not always what you want, but they are always what you need at this moment in time. They are accurate and answer your questions, without interfering with your freewill choice. In the event of you not receiving any message, your payment will be refunded in full. Any queries, Lynda will be pleased to assist.

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