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The site for you the youth of this living planet. This living, thinking,
conscious being we call Earth.
  For you the future generation. The future caretakers of Gaia.

                                            What dose the title Baktun 13 mean?  
It refers to an ancient Mayan prophecy about the ending of the 12th Baktunbullet03_redsign.gif A Baktun is a period of 144000 days (395 ish years) which was sacred to the Maya people who lived in Mexico 700 years agobullet03_redsign.gif In a few years time if you have not heard it alreadybullet03_redsign.gif The negative press will try to scare you by telling you in great derision that the world will end according to the ancient Mayan predictionbullet10_rotate.gif That                                    on the 21st of December 2012 bullet10_rotate.gif The last day of the twelfth Baktun                                               the Mayan sacred calendarbullet10_rotate.gif Ihave lived through too many                                                       'ends of the world'
To believe thisbullet03_redsign.gif
The world will still be here                                                                   on December the 22ndbullet03_redsign.gif 2012, and the next day,                                                                       and the nextbullet03_redsign.gif This is why this site is called Baktun                                                                     thirteenbullet03_redsign.gif As there will be a thirteenth Baktun after                                                                          the end of the twelfth.   we are told that the world                                                                    will become a very different place to what it is                                                                today (March 2004)bullet03_redsign.gif
Cosmic aids tell us that                                                                    there are huge and necessary changes to come                                                       during this period of changing epochs,a period of dramatic                                                       change for all life on earth Mankind is suffering from a                                                      sort of mental illness, A suicide wish, an attitude problem that is                                              so dangerous for every one and the living planet that we call Earthbullet03_redsign.gif                                         We have been fighting each othe
r & miss using natures                                                  resources for too longbullet03_redsign.gif
It is easy to change an attitudebullet03_redsign.gif You just change your mindbullet03_redsign.gif And that's itbullet03_redsign.gif Donebullet03_redsign.gif How come we don't or wont? We are                                                             receiving aid in the form of wisdombullet03_redsign.gif
The purpose of B13 is to bring                                                    like minded, light conscious youth together through the                                                       Internet, in the street, at school. To talk about these issues                                                         openly. if you see another kid with the B13 logo on their                                                           school books or bag say "hi"bullet03_redsign.gif
Most grownups are generally                                                     too conditioned to accept the truths of the universe. don't                                                      blame them or condemn them though. ignorance is not a sin                                                    it is just an early stage of growing up. some of you may                                                    have already 'grown up' in wisdom. Beyond us oldies &                                                      decided that it is your task to help us wake up. you the youth                                               of today are very important for the future of the living planet Earthbullet03_redsign.gif                               Who is herself just like you living and growing up ' I call it evolving 'bullet03_redsign.gif

                         How can a planet be alive and grow up?  hand01_next.gif
read THE STORYhand01_back.gif

Please do not just accept any information that you read here as the whole truth and the only truthbullet03_redsign.gif The idea is that you have to test it out for yourselfbullet03_redsign.gif This is the job of B13 to sh

ow you howbullet03_redsign.gif Don't think that being or b
ecoming 'spiritually aware you will have to give up some of your fun activitiesbullet03_redsign.gif I am certainly no saint I am just a normal blokebullet03_redsign.gif  learning my own  pathbullet03_redsign.gif there are m


any diverse pathways back to the source and  you have your choice of choosing your own way your own pathway without being brainwashed into what you can and can not do by someone elsebullet12_push.gif